Which Tree Is Most Valuable In Decoration

Which Tree Is Most Valuable In Decoration

Wood act like human companion, and a source of energy, but also an excellent building material. Thanks to the precious wood, which has a noble appearance and excellent characteristics, masterpieces of wooden architecture and unique decorative products are created.

A bit of history   

No one can say when and who came up with the idea of ​​using wood for decoration. It is only known that it happened in the Stone Age. Even then, our distant ancestors decorated their houses and rooms with material made from various natural materials, including carved from wood.

Each breed has its own texture, color, plasticity, strength, and other properties. Let us dwell in more detail on the features inherent in the main valuable grades of this material.


With its unsurpassed finishing characteristics, is the recognized leader among its fellows. There are about 200 species of this tree, differing in the color of the wood. The older the oak gets, the darker and deeper its shade becomes, which gives it even more nobility. Wood has excellent strength characteristics, due to which products made from it are extremely wear-resistant, and wooden houses serve for a long time. The porosity of wood often interferes with an excellent surface finish. Therefore, it is very important to carry out high-quality drying, as a result of which the oak board will maintain its integrity.


W species with strength properties similar to oak. It has small vessels and a clearly visible cut pattern in light pink or dark brown tones. The wood has excellent sanding properties and is very flexible. It is not in danger of cracking and therefore does not need high-quality drying. The ash wood exterior is beautiful, durable, and does not require constant renovation.


Wh has a light wood with a pink tint, is highly sought after and revered. The homogeneous structure with thin vessels attracts with its softness and warmth. Being a competitor to oak in the primacy of durability, beech perfectly withstands grinding and can be easily painted in any color. However, it should be borne in mind that if dried and processed improperly, the beech board may lose its shape or crack.


A tree in the most beautiful shades of pink and brown, darkens over time. Its soft, pliable wood is easy and pleasant to work with. Carved platbands made of cherry wood are a recognized decoration of any home.

The walnut

Value in texture and color, is highly regarded for its excellent deformation resistance. Its wood is distinguished by increased hardness, which does not interfere with processing. In addition, the walnut tolerates drying remarkably and is not prone to cracking. An elegant gazebo made of walnut wood will not only withstand sudden temperature changes, but will also become the pride of the owners.

Knowing everything about the unique properties of valuable species of wood, you can create a unique wood finish for interiors of premises, facades of structures, and any decorative elements of the highest level.

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Which Tree Is Most Valuable In Decoration
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